Nubra Development Authority

As back as in December 2016, during the visit of the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to Turtuk in Leh district; on the insistence of the people, it was decided to set up Tourism Development Authority for Nubra valley with intent to tap the immense tourism potential there.  Till date, there appears to be no apparent progress on the announcement made much to the disappointment of the people who are having high expectations on account of the said announcement.
The question is as to why the Tourism Development Authority is not made functional which was created duly by a formal notification in the Government Gazette nearly more than seven months back.  Why, again, Chief Executive Officer has not been appointed nor any posts for the staff created. This has resulted in the issues related to tourism of Nubra Turtuk valley being just additionally handled by Leh Tourism Development Authority.  The Government must clarify.
In September 2017, likewise, it was revealed by a Government order through Tourism Department that Diskit and Panamik Community Blocks would be the areas to be covered by the Nubra Tourism Development Authority while in reality no discernible progress on the ground is in sight.
In the same way, it was decided by the CM that tourism related infrastructure would be raised and while we appreciate that funds were kept at the disposal of National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC)for the purpose but no headway is made so far for reasons unknown.
Let it be stressed upon that  merely issuing of notifications and announcements without the administration actually implementing them in letter and spirit, is meaningless especially in areas which are economically backward but with tremendous tourism potential like Nubra – Turtuk valley.