Now above 18 years eligible for vaccination

The bold but much demanded decision of the Central Government to allow from next month vaccination of all those falling in the age group of over 18 deserves commendation. Vaccine shots would be available at all hospitals across the country right from day one in May . This significant shift in the policy on COVID-19 is on account of the unprecedented surge in fresh infections in the country as also in response to the findings that the new variant of the virus is preying the younger age group who besides getting infected could naturally be the carriers as well. Another major change in the COVID policy of the Government is that 50 percent of the vaccine supply will be made to the State Governments and the open market, and the rest 50 per cent would be available to the Central Government. In other words, now the states would no longer complain of shortage of the vaccines although repeatedly clarifications from the Health Ministry as well as from the Prime Minister have been that there was no such shortage and adequate supplies would be maintained. However, the current drive of vaccination shall continue as before in the Government centres free to the eligible age groups. The endeavour of the Government to ensure that maximum number of citizens got inoculated, the fresh initiative that of above 18 years falling eligible from May 1, may be seen in that context.