Notification for official languages

This has reference to the news item ‘J&K Govt yet to issue notification for Official Languages Act implementation’ DE Nov 9.
The people of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory eagerly want that the notification for Official Languages Act implementation may be issued at the earliest.
The notification has been widely appreciated by the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It had been a long pending demand of the people of UT that languages like Dogri and Kashmiri be declared as official languages so that these languages may regain their glory and status, besides maintaining the linguistic diversity of the UT. Otherwise, these languages were likely to die in coming times.
It may not be out of context to say here that local languages are a treasure trove of collective wisdom of our ancestors. No local ritual is complete unless it is flavoured with the sweetness of the vernacular language. The language of a region gives a particular identity to people which is quite essential to maintain socio-cultural moorings of that region. Besides, if a language is not put to use it is likely to die a slow death in coming times.
We therefore wish that the Government issues a notification in this regard at the earliest. There should be no delay-dallying on this sensitive matter.
Ramesh Rasgotra