‘Not scared to be seen with industrialists’, says PM; slams Oppn

LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said he was not afraid of being seen with industrialists playing a key role in the nation’s development, as he slammed the opposition parties for the “mistakes” made during 70 years after India’s independence.

Attacking them for calling industrialists “chor and luterey”, Modi said that he did not hesitate in standing with the business community as his “intentions” are clear.

“We are not those who are scared of standing next to businessmen,” he said, adding like farmers, bankers, Government employees and labourers, industrialists also contributed to the development of the country.

Modi’s retort came against the backdrop of the repeated attacks by the Congress, which has been alleging that the Prime Minister had links with “corrupt” industrialists and has been accusing him of neglecting the farmers and the underprivileged.

The Prime Minister said those who used to look for issues to criticise him, should note that whatever mistake they find dates back to 70 years.

“Please note, whatever you find will be dating back to 70 years (of their rule) and not from my four years. I have only four years in my account and you have 70 years,” he said. (AGENCIES)