Not avoiding wasteful expenditures, but why?

Not that the Corona virus pandemic impact on the economy has taught the administrative system to be more disciplined and meticulous in using every Rupee in most productive manner but even in normal times, adherence to the stricter norms of financial discipline should be the policy of each and every Government department. It is noteworthy that Finance Department has been conducting “mandatory audit” of various offices to know how Government funds were spent during which process it comes to know about various omissions and commissions while making expenditures by such departments. Such audits should be more, with elements of surprise and comprehensiveness, especially in respect of those departments where execution of various works and projects are taking place.
Why should there not be non-optional submission of a statement every month duly prepared by every department to Finance Department whereby details of expenditures are enumerated and details like who duly authorised such expenditures are advised? Post expenditures scrutiny is a must if proper financial discipline is to be ensured. A mechanism is to be evolved , if there is already one in place, the same should be made effective, where before, during and after a particular expenditure, proper follow up and supervision were made important prerequisites. Some works incomplete, others left half done due to some land disputes, some held up for want of clearances, materials procured but not utilized etc in simple words, mean blatant misuse and wastage of public funds which should be least tolerated. Wastage or misuse of funds is tantamount to loss of funds for which due accountability must be established. Wasteful and even ostentatious expenditures not only in Government departments but at bureaucratic and administrative levels must be avoided at all costs.