Normalcy in Kashmir?

I am really surprised and taken aback by the statement of our knowledgeable Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju when he said that security agency will handle attacks on minorities in Kashmir. I am unable to understand was this statement given to pull the wool over the eyes of our countrymen or just a political statement to show their achievements or just his unawareness about the issue.?
First of all I would politely like to ask him his definition of “Normalcy”. Maybe his and mine might have some differences. Also I would humbly invite him at my place to stay in the Valley for just two weeks like a common person, and feel himself what normalcy is.
“The recent attacks on minorities in Kashmir will be handled by security agencies”. Of course sir, otherwise who will do it and who is doing it for the past 32 years or even more. But the question is at the cost of what? Who is paying for it with the life and blood?
I will not go into the details of data about loss of human life in Kashmir; everyone can get the same on the internet as per the reports of the Government and other organisations. But I will request everyone who claims that normalcy has returned in Kashmir to pick up the daily newspapers and see that on the average basis at least two to three people get killed every day. Let them be militants, security forces or civilians. If we call it normal and as the same violent incidents in other parts of our country, then our Union Minister is right.
Robin Koul
On e-mail