Non-transparent procurement

The mandatory stipulation of maintaining transparency in procurement of rations and eatables for distribution among the Anganwadi students is deliberately circumvented by the Mission Directorate of Integrated Child Development Scheme.  The Directorate has stalled twice the transparent procedure for purchase of nutrition items worth crores of rupees during the past four months without any plausible reason and has now resorted to non-transparent method thereby raising many doubts. Some weeks earlier we had raised the issue of major faults and discrepancies in the matter of providing meals to the Anganwadi centers for the students who are taken as BPL. The pertinent question is why ICDS Mission Director suggested for exercising other options much before the completion of process initiated vide e-NIT No.2. The ulterior motive has been to somehow do away with e-NIT 1 and e-NIT 2.
The purchases run in crores of rupees and the non-transparent manner of handling the tendering and the mystery around it calls for an enquiry by the vigilance agency to clear the doubts that have risen and cannot be dispelled that easy.