Non- Communicable Diseases

What should be our approach as also the mindset towards managing non- communicable diseases (NCDs) was recently touched in details by Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu . In fact, a non communicable disease is one which is not transmissible directly from one person to the other like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, kidney diseases and others. Preventive health care was imperative to prevent or mitigate the extent of the effects of diseases and creating awareness among the people about the health care in itself should be the duty of all. Dwelling upon this issue, the Vice President advised that private and public hospitals, medical colleges, healthcare institutions should adopt at least one Government school in their locality about spreading awareness about health care.
Not only is there an awareness deficit about the healthcare but changed life styles, less exercises, sedentary life , using drugs and intoxicants had precarious consequences which such institutions can contain to a larger extent. The Vice President, in this regard shared the data about the causes of 61 per cent of deaths in India due to NCDs. The concern of the Vice President in the entire gamut of managing NCDs should be taken in the right earnest and developing strategies suitable to different challenges should be the ultimate goals especially of the medical institutions. However, the Government should, on a massive mission, fight the problem of acute shortage of Doctors, especially the specialists in various critical branches and prevent the medical brain drain from the country. Only then, we feel such messages can have tremendous effect on the ground.