No mechanism to check prices of essentials

Take any item of vegetables , prices vary from vendor to vendor but definitely are found everywhere to be on the higher side. Fruits are the monopoly of individual vendor to fix the price at which to be sold. Common people undergoing tremendous hardships, in one or the other way, for which Corona virus pandemic is largely responsible, have to face a double edged sword of soaring prices and adulteration in milk and milk products and other essentials. No one from the Government is ever seen on ground taking any type of necessary action.
We used to see shopkeepers exhibiting prominently the ”Rate List” of the items of vegetables , fruits , pulses etc in particular, which is nowhere to be seen. Just the prices of potatoes at different markets are sold at different rates. We agree that not only marginal , petty and small shopkeepers and mobile vendors using Rehris are hard hit due to lockdown and other reasons but charging exorbitant prices and selling adulterated items would , by no yardstick, be justified. We need not point out individual items of vegetables and fruits that are charged unjustifiably more but the Government machinery being so much silent and immobile about the problem looks astonishing and irritating as well.