No breach of protocol to LB representatives

We should the Government officers and other officials not attend to the Rural and Urban Local Government representatives and thus cause breach of the requisite protocol to take place. They obviously must invariably be invited to all public functions, events, official meetings etc which are organised in their places of jurisdiction, even in functions where high dignitaries are invited. Ignoring them even unknowingly was tantamount to disregarding their position as public representatives and giving room for complexes of different hues to develop. On the other hand there are reports that in spite of seeking ways and means to meet Government officers to discuss and resolve problems falling in their respective jurisdictions and concerning the people too are at times taken casually hence a double edged problem depicting deficiency in grooming of such officialdom in official matters of sensitive nature.
It is, therefore, in the fitness of things, that the UT Government has taken due note thereof and passed necessary instructions to the officers and officials to ensure no breach of protocol took place in respect of Urban local and rural Government representatives. After the UT Government issued the warrant of precedence placing public representatives at parity of different ranks in the government setup – MPs, CS, Mayor, IGP, DC etc , there should be no ambiguity in respecting the protocol.