No ban on new cooking gas connections: Oil cos

NEW DELHI, Oct 13:

State-owned oil companies today said there is no ban on issuing new subsidised cooking gas (LPG) connections, which will be issued after completion of multiple connection checks.

It is confirmed that new connections are being released after receipt of completed Know Your Customer (KYC) forms and multiple connection check, the companies said in a statement.

“Those who are desirous of availing new LPG connections are also requested to submit the details in the KYC format along with proof of identity and proof of address.”

Oil PSUs are carrying out a massive nationwide exercise to eliminate users having multiple connections at the same addresses.

They said following the Government decision to cap supply of subsidised LPG to 6 cylinders per household in a year “all LPG consumers are eligible for three subsidised domestic cylinders up to March 31, 2013”.

There is no restriction on the number of domestic non-subsidised cylinders that consumers can avail beyond the three subsidised LPG refills to meet their genuine demand, they said.

From April 1, next year, LPG consumers can avail six domestic subsidised LPG refill cylinders in a financial year.

“There will be no restriction on the number of domestic non-subsidised cylinders that consumers can avail, beyond the six subsidised cylinders to meet their genuine demand.”

The oil firms said there was sufficient availability of both subsidised and non-subsidised LPG cylinders to meet requirements during the ensuing festive season.

“When a customer applies for a new LPG connection, the gas distribution agency after scrutiny sends an intimation letter informing of the allotment being made. In all cases where such intimation letter has already been sent, new connections will be issued,” an official said.

While new applications will continue to be accepted, the intimation or allotment letters would not be issued just yet.

These will be done after eliminating duplicate connections—only one LPG connection on one address is allowed and the rest are being disconnected.

Oil firms said consumers need to possess the Domestic Gas Consumer Card (DGCC) booklet with a serial number and consumer number entered by the distributor to avail the subsidised cooking gas.

“If any consumer has lost/misplaced the DGCC booklet or does not have the DGCC booklet or has a DGCC booklet without a serial number/consumer number, they must get in touch with their distributor and obtain a new booklet, duly stamped and signed by the distributor, after paying applicable charges,” the statement said.

Consumers need to produce the DGCC booklet to the delivery boy while receiving the refill cylinder. The cash memo will indicate the number of subsidised cylinder being delivered against entitlement — 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 as well as the Serial number of DGCC booklet.

“Reticulated LPG consumers (piped LPG) are advised that the number of cylinders to be supplied at subsidised rates to the Housing Society will be limited to the net entitled quantity based on individual consumption but not more than 3 cylinders of 14.2 kg till March 2013 and not more than 6 cylinders per annum from April 1, 2013,” it said.

The entitlement will be fixed based on the number of flats occupied at the beginning of the capping year. Consumers using reticulated system will not be allowed to hold individual LPG connections.

The Oil Marketing Companies have also undertaken the Know Your Customer (KYC) exercise in a phased manner starting with the consumers identified as having multiple connections. (PTI)


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