NMC notes rise in ragging incidents, seeks details from Medical Colleges

MCs to submit details on suicide deaths, working hours

Irfan Tramboo

Srinagar, Oct 6: While taking serious note of the increasing incidents of ragging of the students in the Medical Colleges (MCs) and other related institutions across the country, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has formed a supervising Anti-Ragging Committee apart from seeking details from the MCs on suicide, resignation and working hours of Medical students.
In this regard, the Under-Graduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB) has taken a strong note of the increase in such incidents during a review of raging complaints received from medical students as well as parents.
Officials said that NMC, which is a body of 33 members regulating medical education and medical professionals and replaced the Medical Council of India in 2020, has constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee with Dr. Aruna V. Vanikar, President, UGMEB as the chairperson of the committee which has taken several decisions in this regard.
The committee, officials said, reviewed the ragging complaints received from the Medical Students/Parents of the Medical Students and has taken a serious view on the increasing incidents of ragging and its consequences leading to the suicidal tendency among the Medical Students.
“To facilitate the medical students to lodge the complaints with National Medical Commission also in addition to the concerned College/Institutes following dedicated Email ID has been created: antiragging@timc.org.in,” officials said.
As per the communication, which has been issued to all the colleges, they have been directed to give wide publicity to the formation of the Anti-Ragging Committee by the NMC by publishing the same on the website and displaying it in prominent places like a hostel, mess, classroom, library, lecture hall, common room. “A compliance report in this regard may kindly be sent,” NMC directed the MCs.
Further, NMC has also asked the MCs and other related institutions across the country to furnish the details on the number of medical students who committed suicide, those who have left the college in the last 5 years as well as the details of the working hours.
Officials said that the NMC has noted that even though all incidents of suicide and suicidal tendency are not linked to ragging but in many cases, incidents of suicide have been linked to ragging.
“In this connection, as per the communication sent to the Medical Colleges across the country, the committee has decided that all the colleges should submit a number of details regarding the medical students for the last 5 years.”
The details sought, as per the communication, include the number of students who have committed suicide during the last 5 years which is to be submitted department wise, in respect of PG students the MCs have also been directed to submit the details, to the department wise in respect of PG students, on the number of students who have left the College/ Institute (resigned) during the last 5 years, apart from details regarding the working hours and weekly off given to students.
The officials said that the information sought, as per the NMC directives, is to be submitted through the mail by October 7, 2022.