Nip the evil in the Bud

Today when the Nation was celebrating 72nd Republic Day functions across the length and breadth of the country especially in the capital city of Delhi, the protesters of so called Kisan Andolan after having been allowed by the concerned authority to undertake Tracter Rally on mutually agreed route and in accordance with settled terms and conditions in Delhi, was deliberately turned violent to execute their pre-planned agenda. They promptly set out on the rampage and unleashed full scale violence against the Delhi Police, brutally assaulted them causing grievous injuries by taking the law in their own hands. They have breached all norms of decency and human behaviour. They did not stop here but dared to surpass the LAKSHMAN REKHA by indulging in heinous act of dishonouring the National flag and hoisting their own flag atop in place of National Tri colour as well as they took resort to unbridled vandalism. Instead of being disciplined protesters and crusaders for the genuine cause of farmers, they chose to convert it into a violent crowd and went on a spree of wilful destruction of National heritage and allied property worth crores of Rupees without any provocation from the Police or administration side.
Their Leadership has committed serious breach of trust. They have not only ridiculed but made a mockery of the democratic freedom and liberty. Their unruly behaviour and grave misconduct has smashed the myth of their peaceful protests for the welfare of farmers and warrants immediate befitting counter action to restore the confidence of people in the democratic system of Governance. Freedom has a limit which is not too fragile to be ripped apart at free will.
Puran Sharma,
Trikuta Nagar, Jammu