Nidra introduces ready to install doors

Excelsior Correspondent
Jammu, Dec 7: Nidra, a very reknowned brand of J&K has introduced ready to install doors at competitive prices. The Doors are solid from inside and beautiful from outside.
The Product Incharge, Er. Manvinder Singh explained the unique I- Type construction of the door panel and the seasoning process that prevents bending of panels. He further explained the quality precision in 3D cutting with the use of high end CNC machines and stressed on the advanced lamination process of door panels using automatic hot presses that eliminates the need of painting or poilishing of door panels.
“The traditional way of door making involves people purchase timber from market, hire carpenters and make them work in residential colonies which creates both dust and noise pollution in the neighbourhood and then further people need to hire polishmen to finish the Doors. People who have little knowledge of material either do not buy the right quality material or end up buying both expensive and excessive material which later on goes waste and adds to cost”, Singh added.
The company representative gave a comparison of cost of making a door at home by hiring carpenter, polishmen and the company’s ready to install door. He explained that the cost of labour only that a person spends on carpenter, polishmen in getting door on made on his own is much more than the overall finished cost of the ready to install door as it starts from just Rs 5400 only.
This new way of door making will save customer cost, time and most importantly eliminates wastage of material that usually happens when people get doors made at their places. Also, while placing order for ready to install doors people have exact knowledge of what their product would cost and what will the finished product look like. The doors can be customised as per required sizes, come with variety of designs and color shades”, Singh informed.