Niagara falls of India

Ashok Gupta
Gokak Fall is one such water fall (among many) is situated around 60kms from Belgaum district of Karnataka, but the distance from CHIKODI (Taluka of District Belgaum) of Karnataka is 50 kms as we started our journey from Chikodi.
Gokak water falls is popularly known as Niagara water falls of India. It is one of the prettiest in the country and sources its water from GHATPRABHA river,which takes a leap of 170ft.
Our local contact at Chikodi advised us to start our trip from Ghatpraprabha rive and then move to Gokak Water falls.Gokak falls also holds immense historical significance as it was here that electricity was first generated in India in 1887.The place is also known for its beautifully turbulent waters gushing over the rocks and down to a fall of 170ft.This enormous waterfall has a 170mtrs long hanging rope suspension bridge built over it that which allow visitors to be right above the fall and feel the wind pushed by the river. Unfortunately this bridge was closed for visitors and only locals were allowed to use this.
Gokak Falls is also famous for MAHALINGASHWAR Temple also locally called TAKEKESHWARA Temple.It contains several inscriptions that date back to 1100 AD. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it has Garbh Girha,ardhamandapa and a spacious Mukhamandapa.The sanctum has a ground plan with tall Shikhara with exquisite carvings depicting certain sketches from the HINDU Mythology.It is based on Chalukyan type of architecture.
Overall this is a beautiful place to visit and we are fortunate to visit it. The fall is known for its beauty,speed and shape,June to September is the best time to visit here as water fall is at the scenic best.We visited this place on 18 September when the rainy season is in peak and the fall is full of water.
(The author is Former Director Floriculture Jammu)