NIA empowered

National Investigation Agency of the country stands now empowered by the present Govt in the Centre. Our country stands infested with terrorism that poses threat to our security and integrity, internally and externally. The situation in the present demanded urgent and appropriate counter action. The present dispensation at the Centre rose to the occasion in empowering NIA keeping in view the National Security. Apart from terrorists, there are some inimical forces who directly or indirectly help terrorists and anti-national elements for their political ends. Strengthening of NIA is timely decision of the Govt as there are many people outside the country who are hand in glove with divisive forces within our country. It proved unwise to give long rope to those who carry on anti-India activities. Since the inception of this Act by the Govt any person howsoever mighty can be put behind bars. Those who are found in league with anti-national forces will be dealt heavily. Now in case any agency outside the country is found working against India shall face action in future as said in the Act. In the present form, the Act has been widely appreciated by the people.
This Act will now be an instrument in combating terrorism both in and outside of the country. The mandate to the present Govt at the Centre stands reflected in the recent decision so far as the nationalism is concerned.
S N Raina