New medical colleges

There is not the slightest doubt with regard to overall progress and development in health sector of all the States of the Indian Union in general and that of J&K State in particular under the supervision of the  former Health and Medical Education Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad who evinced interest in upgrading and developing health sector. The sanctioning and opening of new medical colleges in the State is a glaring example in this behalf. The long cherished demand of the people of  the State has been fulfilled by this bold initiative. The opening of these colleges will give a further filip to Health Sector in the State. Before this, there were only two medical colleges in the Govt sector. Those aspiring for medical profession had to move to other States there by causing great inconvenience to them. The opening of medical colleges, three in Jammu and two in Kashmir, will go a long way in ameliorating the deficiency in the health sector. Each of the colleges will have an intake capacity of 100 candidates. In this way, the number of medical graduates will enhance, thereby satisfying the aspirations of so many young people. With the increase in number of medicos the people of the State are expected to get better medical treatment. Besides, there will be the solution of unemployment to a great extent. This will minimize the monetary expenses of the aspirants who will get trained in the State rather than going outside and incurring heavy expenditure. Above all the increase in number of doctors will ease the position in far flung areas.
Yours etc….
Dwarika Nath Raina
Upper Muthi, Jammu


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