New Master Plan 2021 for Jammu city

First and foremost as far as Jammu city is concerned, it must be declared as Heritage City. All efforts should be made to protect its pristine glory. Secondly, the period of Master Plan should be increased from 10 years to 20 year i.e. 2031, at least  there should be a gap of one generation.
At present, the city has spread to 13 kms with a population of 10 lac. It should be enlarged to 20 km radius with an average total population 30 lac. Job is difficult but it can be done in stages. Work should be started in stages, because the prices of all the things especially building material is rising.
There  is absolutely no scope for making any change in the Old city as far as road widening is concerned or any other major development work is concerned. Flyovers and maintenance of old city “as is where” must be given top priority. Adequate water supply schemes for domestic use and regular electricity should be given due consideration.
According to Master Plant 2021 Jammu city is proposed to be extended towards West (Akhnoor) and South-East (Purmandal) direction.
There is no laternative road from Jewel to Akhnoor. Similarly there is no link road joining Talab Tillo to Akhnoor road. Within a stretch of 3 km special care should be concerned in the fixing of places of public utilities for example hospitals, schools, college, and other public places.
As far as replacement of matadors by trams is concerned, this is a difficult job, due to specific topography of the Siwalik Hills. However, in plain area i.e. R.S. Pura, Akhnoor, Samba city metro is a good option.
Yours etc.
Prof. B.L. Bhardwaj
Talab Tillo, Jammu


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