New Assembly complex in hiccups

If there would have been just one or two problems being encountered by the much hyped new Assembly complex in Jammu, probably analogy of hiccups would perhaps be termed as somewhat hyperbolical, if not prosaic but the complex started in the year 2011 continues to be mired in the vicious circle of erratic and frequently suspended funds – alteration of designs -layout modifications – revising of DPRs- cost escalation- absence of making decisions – lingering on requisite official nods and approvals and the like. If all these reasons are listed out in details about this Jammu based if not Jammu centric project, it would really mean and demand too much of patience as also the space to list them out. One could only feel sorry for such a state of affairs of the administration of Jammu and Kashmir right during and from the period of eight long years after this project was started by laying a foundation stone by the then Chief Minister in 2011 till date.
There is no accountability at any level whatsoever and arrows are shot in zigzag haphazard manner as also without direction and aim by the administrative machinery which results not only in works getting delayed inordinately but are tantamount to exerting undue pressure of added burden on the already limited resources. This results not only in wastages, deferments and prolonging but also inescalated costs of most of the projects like the one under reference. It speaks volumes about sheer inaptness and incompetence of those in the decision making authority in having been so much casual even with a project like a new Assembly complex from which laws shall be made and policies and directions of the Governments shaped . It also speaks volumes about the manner, perhaps deliberate and probably wilful, towards a project of such sensitivity and that also perhaps because it was in Jammu. It further speaks about the absence of a will power and deficiency in assertion to get something done like the said complex.
Whether the new deadline that of by December 2020, the project would be fully completed, worthy and fit enough for occupancy, is again shrouded in the mist of ambiguity and is based on certain conditions and assumptions. Those are – the approval given to the revised and reshaped Detailed Project Report (DPR), giving nod to the revised and enhanced cost estimates of Rs.195 crore, providing appropriate and smooth funds backing and last but not the least, gearing up the speed of work by the executing agency , the Jammu and Kashmir Project Construction Corporation (JKPCC) . Jumping six deadlines may not set a record of lethargy and incompetence at all levels connected with this project in one way or the other but jumping seventh deadline would definitely make sort of records of a peculiar hue which needs to be avoided.
When a project is under construction as per the approved plans and lay outs, adding and revising building patterns, features, new luxurious and modern designs and tastes but without provisions of matching added costs and then tendering processes not completed in time as approval to new plans not forthcoming are all reminiscent of messy management of things. That is an open invitation to delays which we cannot afford and should never encourage. Agreed, we need a spacious and modern building for our Assembly but definitely not a Royal Palace that all ultra modern luxurious gadgets and fixtures must necessarily be added to it which financially we cannot apparently afford . After all, cost of governance should be adequately reasonable; the message should go right and straight from sensitive places like our legislatures and the esteemed ones elected by the people. However, we expect the Assembly complex to be completed in all respects by December 2020.