Never let occasion get better of you: Gambhir

Cut all ties with Pak till terrorism ends: Gambhir
Cut all ties with Pak till terrorism ends: Gambhir

MUMBAI: Former India batsman Gautam Gambhir, who recently hanged up his boots, says key for a sports person in handling pressure and overcoming a bad phase is to not let the occasion get the better of him.

Gambhir was part of the 2007 T20 World Cup team and was the top-scorer in the summit clash against arch-rivals Pakistan.

The southpaw was also the top-scorer for India in the 2011 World Cup final against Sri Lanka, which the hosts won at the Wankhede Stadium.

Asked about his preparations for the big World Cup finals, Gambhir said key is not to think about the occasions.

“You can’t let the occasions get better of you. It’s still the contest between the ball and the bat, whether it is the World Cup final or it’s any other game,”Gambhir said addressing the Republic Summit here.

“It is difficult to accept that is another game of cricket but that is what a sports person needs to think and that is how I prepared myself. Ultimately whether it is the World Cup final or the first game of the World Cup, the contest is not the World Cup final, the contest is between the bowler and the batsmen.

“So ultimately, I have to beat the next ball I am playing and I have got to do the best of whatever I could of the next particular delivery. So that’s how I approached both the World Cup finals rather than thinking about the platform or occasion, it is about watching the ball and reacting to it,” he added. (AGENCIES)