NC playing misleading role over WP refugees: Chaman

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 24: Expressing  surprise over the misleading role being played by the leaders of National Conference over the issue of West Pakistan refugees,  former Union Minister Prof Chaman Lal Gupta today  reminded that  this very party in its election manifesto of 1996, had promised that “problems of West Pak refugees would be solved.”
Prof. Gupta recalled that these refugees had entered to border areas of Jammu about seventy years back when a horrible situation was created due to communal division of India under a design of the imperialists and religious frenzy had made the life difficult. “In the highly painful situation these poor people were made to stay in the border areas of Jammu.  The then Interim Government of the State led by late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah had not only allowed to stay but were asked  to cultivate the barren lands and extend their helping hand to the State slogan of Grow More Food,” he reminded.
He said that these poor people, mostly the Harijans and others made the barren and deserted  lands cultivable by toil but it is an irony of fate that they are being denied not only the citizenship but also being opposed even the identity cards for having service in Central bodies. “And whole matter is being made an issue of controversy. This is an obvious thinking of  extremism finding its way to this State after being guided and influenced by powers hostile to India and more so the enemies of peace and humanity,” he added.
Prof Gupta said that radicalism in Kashmir was  proving a big stumble block in sorting out many long pending problems including that of refugees, migrants and so many others. “There is need to sort out with firm approach and more so, the bigotry be dealt with heavy hand by enforcing the laws of the land. Any dilly dallying would not work as otherwise the enemies of the peace and tranquility would continue to hamper even any good measure and move,” he said.


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