NC, PDP, Cong responsible for 40000 deaths in J&K: Bali Bhagat

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 1: Senior BJP leader, Bali Bhagat, today criticized the National Conference (NC), People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and Congress, holding them accountable for over 40,000 deaths in Jammu and Kashmir.
He accused the “Three families” – Abdullahs, Gandhis, and Muftis – of dominating Kashmir for 70 years and being directly responsible for the deaths due to terrorism since 1990.
Bhagat praised the efforts of the PM Modi government in combating terrorism effectively. He raised concerns about the treatment of Kashmiri Hindus and urged the three families to acknowledge the atrocities committed against them, including the burning of homes and looting of properties.
He accused the “dynastic parties” of “colluding with Pakistan and terrorists” to disintegrate Kashmir from India.
Furthermore, Bhagat accused the families of perpetuating religious animosity and extremism among Kashmiri Muslim youth in the name of Islam and Jihad.
He labeled them as experts in fundamentalism and extremism, which has tarnished India’s reputation globally.
“The Congress Party, despite being in power, failed to address the issue of radicalization, leading to the displacement of many Hindus from Kashmir,” Bali Bhagat said in a statement.
He called upon these parties to apologize to the nation for their past actions before speaking about Manipur. He emphasized the need for them to take responsibility and work towards building a better future for Jammu and Kashmir.
The senior BJP leader highlighted the importance of acknowledging the historical context and taking steps to foster unity and peace in the region.