NC has again let down people of State: Sethi

‘Art 35A Constitutionally invalid’
Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 5: BJP State chief spokesperson, Sunil Sethi while taking National Conference (NC) to task for announcing boycott to local bodies and Panchayat elections in the State today said a frightened and opportunistic NC has done it again by letting down people by declaring boycott of elections to Local bodies and Panchayats.
In a statement issued here, today Sethi said it is extreme example of political forces budging to dictates of separatists and leaving masses high and dry by denying them right to have their choice governance at micro level. State Bharatiya Janata Party has tended this act as an act of cowardice on behalf of National Conference, he added.
Taking strong exception to reason projected by N C of assurance from Central Government of defending Article 35 A in and out of court, Sethi said that as matter with regard to Constitutional validity of Article 35 A is before Supreme Court of India, there is no way Central Government or anyone else can influence the outcome of proceedings before Supreme Court of India which will decide the issue on its own merit uninfluenced by threatening posture of separatists and their political stooges. Bandh calls or protests or boycott of elections can’t undermine the independence of judiciary, the BJP leader added.
He said that what N C is doing to influence the court proceedings is in fact Contempt of Supreme Court and demonstrates absolute lack of faith by its leadership in the highest Court of the country whose impartiality and independent dealing of sensitive matters is something which every Indian is proud of.
Sethi further noted that N C has history of running away from its responsibilities towards democracy and democratic institution which was demonstrated when it’s leader left State in the grip of worst terrorism phase and lived in peace in comfort abroad. N C becomes active only to enjoy the fruits of powers but fails always to stand for democracy, he added.
BJP chief spokesperson further projected his apprehensions that cowardice shown by N C may not be followed by others which will left people cheated and powerless. Right to have Government is fundamental right of masses which should not be denied to them. He said Art 35 A is Constitutionally invalid and can’t stand judicial scrutiny and realizing fallibility of Art 35 A in court, separatists and mainstream politicians who are in race to become closer to Separatists and their bosses are playing game of threat and intimidation to influence the outcome of court proceedings, which will never succeed.