NBCC, ERA fail to mend ways; continue to delay works

12 km road length to remain in damaged condition till Aug ending

Dilapidated condition of B C Road.		—Excelsior/Rakesh
Dilapidated condition of B C Road. —Excelsior/Rakesh

Mohinder Verma
JAMMU, June 15: Though their way of working has been drawing flak from various quarters ever since the start of sewer line works in the winter capital of the State yet NBCC and ERA have not mend their ways and continue to stretch the works beyond scheduled timing without bothering for the difficulties being faced by the inhabitants of City of Temples. Even the Deputy Chief Minister, Tara Chand, who is also the Minister Incharge of Housing and Urban Development, has failed to make these agencies accountable for completion of works as per the schedule and laid down specifications.
The latest testimony of NBCC invariably failing to stick to the time schedule is the one tube of B C Road from Rehari Chowk to Shakuntala crossing, which was thrown open today for vehicular traffic without completing the work as per the laid down specifications. The pitiable condition of the stretch would surely create massive chaos and confusion during the Amarnath Yatra when the number of vehicles plying on this road will increase considerably.
Official sources told EXCELSIOR that completion of work on this small stretch was delayed by the NBCC despite the fact that Roads and Buildings Department vide its communication dated May 21, 2012 had conveyed to the Divisional Commissioner, Jammu that if the laying of sewer line was not completed before June 10, it would not be possible for the PWD to blacktop the road.
“The R&D Department had also mentioned that the level of consolidation by the NBCC was not up to the mark as was evident from the works already executed by the NBCC and there is every apprehension of this stretch meeting the same fate”, sources further said, adding “the R&B Department had stressed that Urban Environmental Engineering Department (UEED) and NBCC authorities must be impressed upon to expedite the progress of work, improve their consolidation level and hand over road to Public Works Department well before June 10 after laying of Water Bound Macadum (WBM).
But neither the NBCC completed the work within the scheduled time nor as per the laid specifications as a result of which the R&B Department would not be in a position to black top the stretch till ending August in view of the approaching monsoon season.
“Not only this stretch even the second tube of the B C Road, which was blocked for sewer line laying works from today onwards, would remain in the damaged condition till ending August. Similar would be the fate of 21 roads having aggregate length of 12 kilometers— 9.60 kilometers under ERA and 2.40 kilometers under NBCC, which are presently damaged and yet to be handed over to PWD”, sources informed, adding “in view of the failure of the NBCC and ERA to complete the works in time and as per the specifications, it has been decided that the premixing works will be taken up after monsoon and meanwhile the roads will be maintained for traffic by these agencies”.
Disclosing that premixing at this stage would lead to wasteful expenditure in view of every possibility of roads sinking due to improper compaction, sources said that even in the past NBCC and ERA failed to carry out the WBM (Shingle/ Metal) up to the proper specifications and the R&B Department had to approach them, time and again, to rectify the defects thereby losing the precious time.
Out of 19 roads, which are damaged by the ERA and yet to be handed over to R&B Department, the work of laying of sewer pipes is in progress on 15 and WBM has been laid partially on remaining four.
“Though Deputy Chief Minister, Tara Chand, who is also Minister Incharge Housing and Urban Development Department, reviewed the progress of work being executed by NBCC and ERA a number of times yet he failed to make these agencies accountable for timely completion of work and strictly as per the specifications”, sources regretted, adding “it seems that Deputy Chief Minister as well as all other concerned authorities are not serious about redressing the grievances which the people of City of Temples have been facing due to slackness of these agencies”.


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