Navigating the preteen years

Anita Singh
Before I start, I would like to make a commitment to myself that I am on a mission to help the people who are preparing to get into the journey of Parenting. I agree that every child is unique and so is the parent, but both can create magic together, to make a wonderful experience on this earth.
I strongly believe that an author is a chosen one- nurtured by the Universe and starts writing only after learning from his own and others’ experiences.
After going through the phase of childhood, followed by adolescence and finally adults, I have come to the conclusion that it has been a wonderful journey. And now watching our children from a distance, to how they fall and then rise with energy.
As parents, we get overwhelmed and wish to provide our kids the world’s best experience of their childhood. The journey of a human is incomplete here. In the humdrum of life we try to figure things out in our own way. The world around makes you dance in a way similar to it, manipulates the entire scenario. As a result, we start moving in our journey and dancing to the tune of it. As an individual, we try to fit in fast and imbibe all that is thrown to us in order to be accepted.
In this beautiful chaotic world, we sometimes lose touch with being our real self. A special maze made for us to stay engrossed in it and we as humans find ways, figuring things out in our own way. Then begins the struggle to survive and keep finding happiness and satisfaction. We are so satisfied that we start enjoying it and keep flaunting it as a memento of all our efforts in the past. But again a maze is getting prepared for the future. This time, it is to bring us back to our real self so that we do not drift away from the unanimity of a beautiful thing called life. Are you able to guess what? Yes, you have got it right – it’s parenthood.
It is only a phase, in which Nature selects the ones who stay connected to its roots. In a sense, a revision of what has been there for us and what all we have gathered from it. In my opinion, it is the crux- of the whole being. This is a true test of time, thrown to us with time. Nature does not provide you a formal analysis of what we have learnt till the time we are sensible. It is such a mother who continuously fondles you, caresses you and guides you, thus making us feel at ease at all times.
It is continuously forgiving you to any extent but gives you ample opportunities to amend ourselves at every point of our life.
In my opinion, this is the true essence of Parenting. I think the reader will also get an insight after going through the pages of the book ‘Healthy parenting for preteens’ authored by me. What I believe is that this is not only a book but an insight into a Parenting journey.
My mission is to provide the parents a sense of pride to get an opportunity to bring a pure soul on this earth and Nurture a beautiful life. If we all go deeper into the maze of life, Parenting is a blessing and also a way of the Universe to wait and watch how we give it back what we have received.
The beauty of this journey is that it is a unique one for each of us. For some it appears to be a burden while others treat it as a responsibility. Why is it so that parenting is different for everyone? This is the basis of the whole concept of Parenting. What we think that we are doing right may some other time appear to be our own flaw. And on the other hand our follies prove to be the most appropriate.
Sometimes I have to laugh it out as nothing is there which is in our own hands, making us restless and helpless.
The reason is that Parents are the Chosen ones to bring a child to this world and prepare him for the world. Rest is his own making.
(The author is a parenting coach)