Natrang stages ‘Do Kalakaar’

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A scene from Play ‘Do Kalakaar’.
A scene from Play ‘Do Kalakaar’.

JAMMU, Dec 14: ‘Do Kalakaar’, a play in Hindi written by Bhagwati Charan Verma and directed by Balwant Thakur was staged at Natrang Studio in its weekly Sunday Theatre series, here today.
Though coated with a thick layer of comedy, the play had a very relevant massage to share with the audience which was revealed very artistically.
In the play, ‘Churamani’ and ‘Martand’ are two friends and both are artists (one poet and another painter).
They had once aspired to rule the Bollywood with their respective creative strengths. The poet had dreamt of becoming the top Hindi Film lyricist and the painter had set a goal for himself to become the most sought after art director of the tinsel town.
But destiny lands them in a situation where both are forced to use their creative energies in creating situations and cooking stories just to escape the harassment of their landlord who has not been paid the rentals of a dingy room for the last six months.
The playwright has beautifully portrayed the tragic fate of the creative people who are expected to create magic and electrifying artistic experience through their unlimited creative energies are shown wasting their creativity just to ensure survival.
Both the poet and the painter get this realization at this point of the time that despite having a civilization of thousand years at our back this world is not meant for creative people.
Amit Raina as ‘Churamani’, Masood Qadir as ‘Martand’, Sachin Bamba as ‘Bulaki Dass’, Shekher Sharma as ‘Ram Nath and Mahikshit Singh Sambyal as ‘Parmanand’ performed their roles very well. Neeraj Kant executed the lights and sound. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen and Kritika Singh did the presentations.


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