Natrang stages ‘Hawa Hawai’

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A scene from Hindi play 'Hawa Hawai' directed by Sumeet Sharma presented at Natrang Sunday Theatre Series.

Jammu, Nov 24: ‘Hawa Hawai’ a comedy play in Hindi was featured this week in Natrang Sunday Theatre Series at its Studio Theatre. The play was beautifully adapted and directed by Sumeet Sharma and was based on a short play written by K. M. Mishr. The hilarious comedy play which already had a very interesting plot was further enhanced by the wonderful acting of the performers and the innovative treatment of the story by the director.
The play showcased those people in a very comic manner who get taken away by any news and do not use their own discretion whether it makes any sense or not. ‘Suresh’ is a middle-class man who is having a job which pays him just as much that he could meet his requirements only. Resultantly, he has become a dreamer and gets gratification in all those news which may fetch him some happiness (whether realistic or unrealistic). One day he looks at a news in paper that very soon aero plane will be in the budget of a common man as scientists are making a two-seater aircraft which will be very economical. Excited by the news, he plans to dispose off his old scooter and seek some loan so that he could purchase the aircraft and raise his lifestyle, he even sees a dream with open eyes that he is flying in the air with his family and all the friends and relatives are jealous of him. He tells the same to his family and a close friend ‘Vinod’ and narrates the unique features of the plane and they get amused by his plans. But to the shock of everyone, when he reads the news till the end, it is revealed that it is just a planning and the Aircraft will be ready in next 40 years. Finally he asserts that we shall put our concentration on the important works so that it is not get diverted and we do not waste time in making castles in the air.
Pawan Verma as ‘Suresh’ was successful in generating the required humour in the play by his superb acting. He was equally supported by the presence of Sumeet Sharma in the play as ‘Vinod’, Sajra Qadir as ‘Shakuntla’, and Gopi Sharma as ‘Chintu’ were also very impressive. Neeraj Kant designed and operated the Lights whereas the Music was operated by Rahul Singh. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.


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