Natrang presents ‘Khel Jaari Khel Jaari’

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Apr 1: The Hindi play, ‘Khel Jaari Khel Jaari’ was presented here today by Natrang in its Studio Theatre in Sunday Theatre Series.
The play was written by Radhakrishan Sahay and was directed by Rahul Singh. Presented in ‘Nukkad’ style, the performance was very effective and impactful in delivering the relevant message.
The play contained many slogans, symbols and mannerisms in its core content which reflected the present socio-political scenario of the country in a very explicit manner and unfortunately, the ground reality is not as flowery and streamlined as it is projected by leaders, administrators and law enforcing agencies.
The writer conveyed through the dialogues and situations that the people at the helm of affairs should hate poverty but in reality, they hate poor. They are supposed to curb unemployment but on the contrary unemployed are being eliminated. Different scenes were presented which conveyed the plight of oppressed class and this is an irony that the oppressors in all the cases are those who are given the charge to uplift the downtrodden people.
Citing examples of kings, politicians, administrators, law enforcing agencies, it was convincingly exemplified that the condition of a common man is a matter of concern and those who are supposed to be concerned are much concerned about their own betterment. The actors of the play carried the required energy and anguish which is a pre-requisite for the effective presentation of such kind of plays.
The country which aims at becoming the world leader has still to go a long way in getting set to the right track. Unemployed, hungry, disoriented, visionless and powerless population can’t make a nation the world power and their improved condition would certainly improve the condition of the entire country, this was the crux of the play.
Natrang actors who acted in the play include Shivam Singh, Gautam Sharma, Gautam Kumar, Mohit Koul, Toyab Hussain, Mahikshit Singh, Ajay Kumar and Manoj Kumar. The lights were executed by Bhisham Gupta. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen.