Natrang celebrates World Music Day

Artists presenting item during World Music Day celebration.
Artists presenting item during World Music Day celebration.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 21: Natrang Jammu celebrated World Music Day here today by taking younger generations close to the rarest traditions of Dogri music.
An exclusive function was held here today at Natrang studio theatre to mark this International Day of Music.
While organizing live performance-cum-demonstrations, Natrang pledged to preserve this unique wealth of Dogras by preserving, propagating and developing a sense of appreciation and pride amongst the younger generations.
While elaborating details, Natrang Director Balwant Thakur dwelt each aspect about ten out of the world music traditions of Dogras about which majority of us are not aware of. These forms include ‘Karkan’, ‘Baaran’, ‘Bhakh’, ‘Chijaan’, ‘Geetru’, ‘Thappe’, ‘Soiyan’, ‘Chand’, ‘Goria’, and ‘Masaade’. On where on this earth a small land (Jammu province and parts of Himachal Pradesh) can offer this much diversity and uniqueness in musical traditions. Majority of these traditions possess entire price-less wealth of our traditional wisdom in terms of narratives and ballads.
“In the ancient times the entire history and wisdom used to be transcended from generation to generation through these artistic forms. Such traditional artistic expressions are the testimony of our creativity and intellectual pride of our ancestors”, he said, adding that unfortunately our generations are not aware of our such accomplishments which stand us tallest among other regions and cultures of the world. These living traditions have not only given a unique identity to Dogras but also have been a huge treasure of our folk wisdom, knowledge, inspiring narratives and heritage, he stated.
While citing few examples, Balwant Thakur elaborated the uniqueness of the tradition of ‘Bhakh’ style of Dogri singing. Interestingly, this out of the world style has given a distinctive place to Dogras in the world of music. The Bhakh is a chorus narrative singing which is sung by a group of singers that too, without the accompaniment of any musical instrument.
Among other performances, Master Girdhari Lal and Harbans Lal presented Karaks of ‘Bawa Jitto’, Raja Mandlik’ and ‘Data Ranpat’ and transported the entire audience to the folklore of real Jammu.