National awards for silk-worm rearing

In the present era of fashions and shifting of preferences for different types of textiles, there remains a vast group of people who have not only a liking for the soft shining and elegant silk but nurse a sort of craze for it. There must be a proper reasonable support base of various hues from the Government to keep this industry not only going but progressing as well . One of the steps is recognising and appreciating silk rearing and weaving besides making it market worthy and competitive in pricing.
Government of India, through Ministry of Textiles do present national awards to eminent entrepreneurs and weavers engaged in silkworm rearing and recently, Union Minister of Textiles Simriti Zubin Irani presented national awards to silkworm rear(ers) who are known for their outstanding performance in pre and post cocoon sectors, at a function under ‘Surging Silk’ accomplishments and way forward at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi. The recipients are Raj Mohamad Gejee of Uri in Baramulla, Rashida Banoo of Brariangan Anantnag both belonging to Schedulded Caste category and Rattan Lal of Thandapani Rajouri, Maajid Hayat Bawan of Wanbal. The first three award winning silkworm rear(ers) have been honoured under the highest productivity category despite belonging to remote and developing areas of the State. They have been braving the hardships and other difficulties but have been continuously increasing their cocoon production. Having brought laurels to the State, the awardees are expected to be felicitated by the State as well.