Nadler says all options on table when asked about Trump impeachment

WASHINGTON, June 12: Congressional Democratic Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said in a press conference that the option to seek impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice is still on the table.

“I’ll simply say all options are on the table, that’s all I’m going to say publicly,” Nadler told reports on Tuesday when asked about possibly supporting impeachment proceedings.

Nadler said the US House of Representatives intends to get testimony from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the near future and will subpoena him if necessary. Mueller has previously said it would be inappropriate to speak further on his report on the probe into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.

Nadler was joined by other Democratic leaders after the House of Representatives passed a resolution authorizing committees to take legal action against Trump administration officials who have defied congressional subpoenas to be questioned.

The Mueller report concluded that Trump’s campaign team did not collude with Russia, but described ten instances regarding Trump’s actions that may constitute possible obstruction of justice. However, US Attorney General William Barr concluded that the evidence provided in Mueller’s report did not rise to the level of an obstruction of justice violation.

Russia has repeatedly denied any claims of interference in the US political system, saying the allegations were made up to excuse the election loss of Trump’s 2016 opponent, as well as deflect public attention from actual instances of election fraud and corruption.