MSME Bharat Manch in sync with Enqube Collaborations signs ‘Gearing up for MSMEs IPO’

Mumbai, May 20: MSME Bharat Manch-a Nationwide Initiative of RupeeBoss Financial Serivces Pvt Ltd, has joined hands with Enqube Collaborations in organising the first series of National Workshop with the theme “Gearing up for MSMEs IPO.”
This was the first of its kind Workshop with Real learnings and Key takeaways from successful MSME IPO Promoters and Industry Veterans specialised for MSMEs in an Interactive Oriented format. MSMEs are considered the backbone of the economy, MSMEs contribute 30 per cent to the country’s GDP and employ over 40 per cent, which makes up around 110 million workers.
This highlights the importance of supporting MSMEs and helping them grow, not only for their own benefit but also for the overall economic development of the country as stated by President, MSME Bharat Manch – Mr. PN Shetty.
The Workshop aimed to provide valuable insights and information regarding the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process and its benefits to businesses, particularly to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), including the advantages and disadvantages of going public, the steps involved in preparing for an IPO and many related topics.
At the workshop, various Senior Officials from Bombay Stock Exchange and other Industry experts & business leaders shared their experiences and insights on how MSMEs can benefit from the IPO process.
MSME Business Owners also had the opportunity to interact with the speakers. There are 432 companies listed on BSE SME Platform that raised Rs. 64,708.92 crore from the market and total market capitalization is Rs. 19,957.26 Crore as on 17th April, 2023. BSE is the market leader in this segment with a market share of over 60 percent. Mr. Anant Singhania, President- IMC Chamber of Commerce & CEO JK Enterprises , Mr.Manish Shah, Managing Director & CEO ? Godrej Capital, Mr Ajay Thakur Head, BSE SME & Startup were the Special Chief Guest who shared their valuable insights about the Growth of MSMEs and the Ecosystem that MSME Bharat Manch has created for the Upliftment of MSMEs Pan India. Mr. NB Shetty, Chairman- RupeeBoss Financial Services Pvt Ltd; Mr. PN Shetty, President ? MSME Bharat Manch, Dr.Narendra Mairpady, Former Chairman & MD Enqube Collaborations, Dr.G.Rameshkumar, Director General, MSME Bharat Manch were instrumental in the successful organising of the National Workshop that provided valuable knowledge and insights, further to help make informed decisions for the business of MSMEs. M.Q Sayed chairman and managing director At Exhicon Group of Companies said that India is growing very fast and IPO is providing generating capital for the country. Rupeeboss Financial Services Pvt Ltd is a National distributor for Retail and MSME Secured & Unsecured Business Loan products representing 100+ Private, PSU banks, MNC Banks and NBFC’s in the country and have helped more than 13000+ MSME and Retail customers till date.
MSMEs Pan India can download MSME Bharat Manch Mobile Application both on IOS & Android and can also register on portal to know more about the Services offered besides MSME Government Schemes and Subsidies. Mr Anant Singhania said “Unlock the power of ambition and global reach. MSMEs, dare to dream big and go global. With a strategic vision, unwavering determination, and a strong value proposition, you can break barriers and transcend borders. And as you gear up for an IPO, remember that it’s not just about accessing capital-it’s about signaling your potential, gaining credibility, and igniting the spark that propels your growth to new heights. Embrace the opportunity, seize the moment, and let your success resonate worldwide.”