More time for PoJK and Chhamb refugees

The scheme for the one-time settlement of displaced families from Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK) and Chhamb (1965 and 1971) refugees has been officially extended by the Jammu and Kashmir Government until March 31, 2024. This extension aims to provide more time for eligible families to avail the compensation benefits of Rs 5.5 lakh per family, which were provided by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The approved outlay of Rs 2000 crore demonstrates the Government’s commitment to supporting these displaced families and providing them with sustained income. Additionally, the inclusion of 5,300 displaced families from Jammu and Kashmir (1947) in the Rehabilitation Package further expands the scope of the scheme to assist a greater number of individuals who have faced displacement.
Some refugee families from PoJK and Chhamb have not been able to avail of the compensation benefits of Rs 5.5 lakh per family provided by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The delay in receiving compensation is primarily due to the prolonged completion of formalities required to qualify for the scheme. These formalities may include documentation processes, verification procedures, and other administrative requirements. Sometimes, the delay can be attributed to logistical challenges, bureaucratic procedures, or issues in gathering necessary documents and information. To address this issue and allow these families to fulfil the necessary criteria, the scheme has been extended until March 31, 2024. The extension gives the affected families more time to complete the required formalities and avail themselves of the benefits under the scheme. The Government aims to ensure that all eligible families have the opportunity to receive the compensation they are entitled to.
This is a welcome step and will provide much-needed relief to the affected families. It is important to understand that several decades have passed since their migration, and they may not have the necessary documents as a result of this delay in filing for compensation. The administration has now given them ample time to fulfil the formalities and avail themselves of the rehabilitation package.