More special courts and more jails

To fight the cancer spreading across the country in respect of rape of children and women which otherwise is against the high civilization and ethos of this country, a little over 1000 fast track special courts are required to be set up. This is necessitated because of the spurt in the number of cases recorded each year.  We cannot draw any solace or satisfaction merely by fighting this sort of peculiar pestilence by legal remedy alone but by social awakening and stressing on morality and ethical values which should go side by side.
Better infrastructure, that of proper and speedy investigations and swift prosecutions and awarding of punishments are all prerequisites of fighting this curse and spine chilling crime.  Dedicated manpower to be provided for quality and speedy investigations and in time bound manner is part of the new measures announced by the Central Government. In the same way, new posts for the public prosecutors are scheduled to be created and special forensic kits for rape cases given to all police stations are other measures announced in this respect. Needless to add, allowing courts to award the deterrent punishment like death penalty to those convicted of raping children aged up to 12 years as per an ordinance recently promulgated, is part of the new scheme announced by the Government.
Setting up of fast track courts in appropriate number is central to the entire scheme to fight this unpardonable heinous crime. More jails to house convicts too must be thought to be built to address the problem of overcrowding in existing jails. We expect the new measures to be taken in time bound manner and the entire scheme to fight the affliction in an aggressive way needs to be given adequate publicity. The importance of that requirement should not be underestimated.