Moral values

Moral values occupy vital significance and are considered indispensible in any civilized society. Essence of all religions lies in such values. A main possessed of moral principles is always respected everywhere. Excessive greed and thirst for power, as the history reveals had been the cause of great destruction during the world wars. Even the episodes like Mahabarta and Ramayana vividly explain how lust and greed played their role. The present scenario where corruption, favouritism, nepotism, cruelty against women, deception, dereliction of duty, cheating scams and embezzlements, harassment to poor and weak disrespect towards parents and elders unfearingly done all are consequent to non-existence or low level of moral and social values. When hundreds of such evils are there, what good can be expected. Even implementation of golden rules isn’t practicable in the absensce of such values.
To uproot and emancipate from all such maladies, proper education in terms of such values is of paramount importance. Therefore, the schools and colleges, the areas where generations are taught, need to be utilised for cultivation of humanity, morality and social values. The civilization rests on humanity, what is morally unsound can’t be politically tread all right. The masses follow the path where leaders so, a deep introspection is needed at all levels to get rid of such unpleasant situations in the country.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)