Moon does three-in-one, gazers watch red moon, super moon, eclipse

NEW DELHI: The moon put up a striking celestial show tonight as a coppery red orb rose high up in the sky to mark a rare lunar eclipse that drew astronomy enthusiasts to different planetariums across the country.

The year’s first total lunar eclipse was partially visible from India. The second such eclipse on July 28 will be entirely visible from India, said Arvind Paranjpye, director of the Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai.

The moon outdid itself in donning three roles. After decades, moon-gazers saw a super moon, when it looks bigger and brighter than ever because it is closer to the earth, a blue moon, which is the second full moon in a calendar month, and a blood moon, a reference to the red colour of an eclipse.

It was, as enthusiasts gushed, truly a once-in-a-blue- moon phenomenon, visible across several parts of the world.

Moon-gazers gathered in planetariums in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and elsewhere for a guided observation of the rare treat. (AGENCIES)