Monsoon Make-up

Shahnaz Husain

Make-up poses a real problem during the Monsoons. It never seems to last due to the high humidity.  So, stay away from heavy foundation and go for compact powder. It’s a much better option. Compact powder is pressed powder and reduces that oily, sweaty look. The skin appears fresher and cleaner.
If you must apply foundation, apply an astringent lotion first, using cotton wool. After a few minutes, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and apply it on the skin, for a few seconds at a time. This helps to close the pores. Or try cold compress with chilled rose water. It is most refreshing too. Go for a water-based foundation, adding a drop or two of water for a lighter coverage. Then dust loose powder. It helps make-up last longer. Dust off the excess with cotton wool. The natural, matte look is actually “in.” The aim is to project a sheer skin texture.
The trend is towards the natural look, with less blush-on. A faint flush would be suitable. Go for powder blushers. You may leave out blusher during the day for a casual look and apply it at night. Be subtle, so that it provides just a healthy glow. Powder blushers are best for humid weather. Apply on the cheekbones and slightly below it. Use your finger tips to dot the area with blusher. Then, blend with the brush, outwards and slightly upwards, making sure there are no harsh lines or a blotchy effect.
Dramatic and heavy eye make-up, with the winged-eyed look, is ruling fashion trends. To achieve this look, first apply a light shadow over the eyelid and a dark one in the crease of the eyes. Light grey on the eyelid would look glamorous. Apply a thick line of black eye liner close to the lashes on the upper lid. A useful tip is to smudge the liner and then apply it again. Extend the liner outwards and slightly upwards, beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Use plenty of mascara. In fact, black shadow on the outer corners of the eyes can also help to achieve the same look. If you join it with the crease line, it is easier to create the winged eyes look. For the lower lid, apply liner as close to the lower lashes as possible, but start from the middle of the lower eyelid and take the line towards the outer eyes. Apply lots of mascara.
During the rainy season, waterproof eyeliner, or eye pencil, would be better. Golden bronze, or silver-grey shadow may be good for night make up. For the lips, frosted sheen is popular. A frosty glimmer would be better than gloss during the humid season. Go for pale pinks, mauves and earthy colours during the day. Red and shades of red have made a comeback, like cherry, rose, plum and red itself. A warm red would be good for the night.
Keep your lipsticks in the fridge during the monsoons.
Tips to make your make-up last longer:
For oily skin, the use of an astringent lotion before foundation or powder, will help make-up last. After applying astringent lotion, wait for a few minutes and then apply foundation.
When you apply powder, press the powder all over the face and neck, with a slightly damp sponge. This helps it to set and last longer.
Compact powder, rather than loose powder lasts longer and provides a smooth finish. Carry powder compact to touch up make-up.
Blot the make-up with tissue.
Liquid eye liners last longer than eye pencils.
Applying foundation on the lips before, helps lipstick last longer.