‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’: Locals gather at Silkyara tunnel site, shout slogans

UTTARKASHI, Nov 28: With the rescue operations nearing a breakthrough at Silkyara tunnel, residents from nearby areas gathered at the site to witness the evacuation of 41 trapped workers from the tunnel.

Some people were shouting slogans like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Modi hai to Mumkin hai’ in acknowledgement of the multi-agency rescue operation going on for over a fortnight at the tunnel.

On Tuesday, rescue workers appeared close to breaking through the 60-metre stretch of rubble of the collapsed tunnel.

The locals also sang in prase of local deity ‘Baba Baukhnag’ and expressed their gratitude to him.

The priest of a temporary temple of Baba Baukhnag, which was set up at the tunnel site, arrived and offered prayers.

“It is happening because of the blessings of Baba Baukhnag,” priest Ram Narayan Awasthi told PTI.

Manoj Silwal, a farmer and resident of village Nangal, said he had been coming here everyday to hear the good news that finally came on Tuesday.

“I wanted to see the workers coming out,” said Silwal.

Rajesh Bijalwan, an advocate by profession and resident of village Brahmkhal, said, “I want to salute the rescue team. With their continuous and critical operations, the workers are saved,” Bijalwan said.

Dr Vijay Badoni, a physician from Chilyalisaur, said, “A hawan was organised yesterday outside the tunnel. Baba Baukhnag had promised that the workers will be rescued soon and now they are safe.”

Some onlookers also stood around the mountains and terrace of the offices built by the construction company outside the tunnel. (PTI)