Modernization of Education

Over the last few years, the system of education has drastically changed and subsequently the use of technology in education has gained widespread popularity. And now when the covid pandemic has imposed social distancing, a sudden acceleration of the changes in and of technology of education took place, making online teaching practically the only option possible. Many education specialists are claiming that learning will never be the same as before the pandemic. The Covid pandemic has contributed to the process of digitization in education in a dramatic way and many of the advantages of online, flipped classrooms and blended learning are being applied and increasingly appreciated throughout the entire education system. It many sound cynical but the pandemic has forcefully contributed to the faster acceptance of these novel teaching learning techniques which go along some of the critically important criteria of modern interactive education methodologies. The modernization of education accelerated by the pandemic has made students, teachers and other educationists to use, learn and understand the modern education technologies/tools in the most effective way. Online mode of education has become the potent tool of imparting knowledge to the students. Video conferencing tools, video lecturers, webinars and various documentary presentations are readily available online in order to deliver learning and knowledge to the students. However, now the new situation has revealed that students from the far flung areas and from the economically weaker families face an urgent need for improved access to the technology required for modern learning. It is now the need of the hour that government must address this issue on the war footing basis so that these students may also get access to these new tools of technology and modern teaching methods.
Vivek Koul
32, Bank Colony
Gole Gujral Jammu