Models of administrative excellence

Modern era needs innovative , fast and performing inputs and investments in the administrative set up to usher in good and efficient governance , ‘SushasanSankalap’ or good governance oath in this direction is a vision and mission of the Central Government. In order to achieve results on these lines, we need digitised offices, public grievance cells and scorecards. The aim and the goal isto transform the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh into models of administrative excellence.
This being more of the question of changing static mindset and lethargy towards encouraging employing reformative and innovative measures, the changes must take place from the grass root Panchayat levels and unique scoreboard system for them will help in ensuring speedy developmental work in villages and better usage of the funds granted to them. Verily , Jammu and Kashmir was poised for a turnaround in the race of development to emerge as one of the best models among other UTs in the country. Provision of e-platform, for instance was meant to help apple traders to connect with the market.