Mobility management plan


The much hyped plans and schemes for rapid and orderly development of areas of the Metropolitan Regions of Jammu and Srinagar as conceived in December 2018 followed by enactment of Jammu and Kashmir Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act , do appear all to be still on papers only as there is no headway made on preparation of mobility management plans as yet. It may be recalled that seven months back, Unified Metropolitan Transport Authorities (UMTAs) were constituted for the purpose which strangely enough have not met even once during the period. Not only that, the extent of the levels of non -seriousness on the part of the Government can be gauged by the fact that most of the officers are unaware of even they being members of these ”Authorities”. There could not be a worst example of loss of communication between various layers of the administration in Jammu and Kashmir. How can under such an unorganised ways connected inter-se, result in effective implementation of the said Act of development of Metropolitan regions, is the moot question and how can, therefore, the objectives envisioned, be achieved is important to be known. We are at a loss to know the precise reasons of a sort of performing lethargy in the important UMTAs when senior bureaucrats and Administrative Secretaries of many important Departments are members on the UMTAs. We, therefore, urge the concerned authorities to expedite the process to formulate the said mobility plans for Metropolitan Regions of Jammu and Srinagar