Mobile-First India will Soon Experience the Quality of 5G Connectivity

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Spectrum Mega Auction Completed with ₹1.5 Lakh Crore Bid over 40 Rounds

On August 1, the Central Government completed the spectrum auction for the fifth generation of telecom services or simply 5G. The seven-day mega auction contained 40 rounds of bidding and saw a total of ₹1.5 lakh crore laid on the table by four major operators.

The most aggressive player in the auction was Reliance Jio placing bids exceeding ₹84,500 crore, followed by Bharti Airtel with bids of more than ₹46,500 crore. Vodafone Idea (Vi) participated with approximately ₹18,500 crore and Adani Data Networks, a company of the Adani Enterprises group, placed bids worth around ₹5,000 crore.

According to reports, the 1,800 MHz band in the Uttar Pradesh East circle saw intense competition between Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel.

Devroop Dhar, Primus Partners co-founder and board member, commented that the intensive bidding sessions evidenced the willingness of the Indian industry for further and unparalleled expansion. “That is also the reason behind the key players finally going for the 700MHz bands. The 40 per cent cut down of the bands for Rs. 3,927 crores per unit acted as an aid for the bidders,” Dhar stated.

“As the bidding has been much higher than the previous auctions, the amount generated will add positively to the revenue and will help the government in the future while setting up the 5G infrastructure,” he added.

The Union Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw pointed out that around 71 per cent, or 51,236 MHz out of the total offered 72,098 MHz of spectrum, was sold on the auction and the launch of 5G can be expected in October.

“It seems we would be able to launch 5G in the country by October. The ongoing 5G spectrum auction indicates that the country’s telecom industry has come a long way in 5G advancements,” Minister Vaishnaw said.

5G Rollout will Come to a Mobile-First Society

Data from a recently published research on device preferences of Indian real money gamers shows that 87.16 per cent of users play from their mobile phones, clearly defining India as a mobile-first society. Desktops are used by 12.38 per cent of desi players, while the share of tablets is as low as 0.46 per cent.

The analytics on device usage by online real money, casino and Andar Bahar game fans is derived from anonymous aggregate data on organic traffic generated by approximately 78,000 users on the SevenJackpots casino comparison platform for a period of 15 months ending in the middle of 2021.

The study also looks at publicly available industry-wide statistics to confirm its findings that the share of “pocket- and user-friendly” smartphone gaming is nearing 90 per cent on a variety of real money and casual gaming platforms.

At the same time, “India is already the largest mobile gaming market with 810 million mobile internet users and an estimated 435 million online players,” industry researcher Svilen Madjov, author of the study, points out.

Brand New Quality of Connection

For the regular fan of a live-dealer 3 Patti real money paytm cash game, the switch to 5G connection will mean a glitch-free high definition video gaming experience enhanced by the ultra high data transfer speeds and extremely low latency of the new generation of telecom services.

For the industry, the high capabilities of 5G networking and the increased spectrum efficiency will have a revolutionary impact enabling a number of novel business models across all sectors, similar to the revolution that 4G brought to the smartphone industry.

“5G is fast-tracking into industries, quickly and efficiently connecting every aspect of the business. It is creating new use cases for technologies like immense XR (extended reality). It is enabling powerful AI through distributed computing,” research and development head of Oppo India Tasleem Arif commented.

“5G will not merely boost internet speeds, but will also rapidly ring in economic progression and boost jobs creation,” Union Prime Minister Narendra Modi said and pointed out that 5G rollout will not only transform lives, but will also create $450 million in extra value for the country’s economy within the next decade and a half.