Mob lynching

Now a days our society is suffering from a new kind of challenge which is oftenly practised by a mob by taking law in its hands.Many suspicious people involved in crimes like rape,kidnapping,animal smuggling, child lifting etc are beaten publicaly by the mob till their death.In some cases some innocent people become the victim of this ill practice. Sometimes merely on the basis of fake rumours, people through the innocent.
There are lot of reasons behind this frustration of public. Firstly rumours on social media play a great role in this bad practice. Also the distrust on our legal system is another reason behind this.There is delay in legal formalities in every case.This creates frustration and anger in public. They believe that it takes several years to get justice if they hand over the culprit to police or law.
Also there is absence of a strong law that deals with mob lynching.
These things create a phobia in peace loving citizens. Such crimes must be delt with iron hands by law. Only then an atmosphere of faith and security will imbibe in general public life.This new kind of terrorism not only kills innocent but creates an atmosphere of terror and insecurity in the society.
Shyam Sudan