MJR-47 to launch Back to Refugee Camps Prog

MJR-47 convener JS Sudan and others talking to media persons in Jammu on Saturday.
MJR-47 convener JS Sudan and others talking to media persons in Jammu on Saturday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 1: MJR -47, an organization of DPs from PoJK has decided to launch a programme ‘BACK to 1947 Refugees Camps/ Basties’ to highlight the fate of those who after having faced agony of genocide, mass killings and loot during Tribal raid of 1947.
Talking to media-persons convenor J S Sudan said many DPs are still living in the camps/Basties and awaiting proper relief and rehabilitation. He said no where in the world one can find an instance where people have to live in same Refugee- camps for seven long decades. The DP’s of 1947 are now in the 3rd and 4th generation. But due to apathy of successive Govts, they are still waiting for their final R&R or alternatively return to their native original homes in PoJK as claimed by Govt where from they were hounded out in 1947
He said in most of the refugee camps like Chatha, Bhore, Simbal, Badyal Brahmna, Gole Gujral, old Railway line (Patri) etc the DPs while living in tents had raised Kacha huts and now raised Pacca houses but govt. has not till date provided them proprietary rights of the land resulting they neither can raised loans against the property nor can sell it or even divide among the successors. Such an injustice with DP’s reflects how we are being treated in our own country for which we DP’s have sacrificed more than 45000 lives of our near and dear ones in the tribal attack of 1947 on J&K state, he added.
Sudan said the idea of this program is to have interaction with our DP brethren , to make them understand the total neglect and discrimination being meted out to DP’s. DP’s of 1947 are be first party to Kashmir Issue and are the real stake holders but have never been taken into confidence as and when Govt talks of its solution. In this process the DP’s over all these years have lost their identity language culture and heritage which is the greatest loss and is an important asset of any section of society.
Over 5300 DP’s families who had been given shelter outside the state in 1947 have been left out and no relief is being provided to them.
Through launch of this program we will try to reach out to all DP’s families living in the existing 25 assembly constituencies and two parliamentary segments of the Jammu province and explain the way we are being ignored from all over legitimate rights.
Besides JS Sudan, S. Suchwant Singh, OP Khajuria, Dr Padam Dev Raina and Mohinder Singh also spoke on the occasion.


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