Mission Kashmir

This is with reference of B.L. Saraf’s write-up “Sinha’s Mission Kashmir’ (DE 15 Dec).The  writer has tried to remind Sinha delegation known and unknown dimensions of their “conciliation” mission in Kashmir. Sinha has been the former foreign minister. It is one thing to be a minister and something else to be a social scientist  embarking on the mission of understanding a community which carries on its back the multi-faceted historical baggage like the five thousand years of Indo-Aryan civilization, nearly eight hundred years of extra-territorial socio-cultural orientation, a century of non-local hegemony, fifty years of phony and feigned democracy, twenty-five years of visiting jihad and a plethora of mauled, mutilated and distorted historical fund. This cumbersome psychological baggage of Kashmiris has rendered them unable to decide what they want. Their state of mind is best explained by a verse of Mirza Ghalib: jata hun thori dur har ek rahrav ke sath/pahchanta nahin hun abhi rahbarko main. Vajpayee like Sheikh Abdullah and Nehru was one of “rahrav” Kashmiris travelled with, and now they are travelling with Hurriyatis. Wish you well Mr. Yashwant Sinha and Co.
Yours etc….
K.N. Pandita


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