Misgovernance by PDP-BJP brought miseries to public: Mir

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, Jan 7: Ridicu-ling PDP led ruling dispensation for mis-governance and wrong policies adopted by coalition partners since they took over reins of power, Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president GA Mir today said that the ruling dispensation has crossed all limits of misrule and misgovernance, as a result, people were made to suffer in every respect.
While addressing series of public meetings at Halsidar, Dodwagan  and Koote in Dooru constituency today,  Mir criticized Government for its failure to address basic  issues of the people. The people apprised him of  the discrimination and indifferent attitude meted out to them by ruling PDP in their respect of development of their areas, essentials and other facilities they deserve.
He was also apprised about the discrimination and suppressive measures being taken by PDP against them and sought an end to the unnecessary harassment which is being carried out on one pretext or the other to stop them from raising their heads against the failures of the Government.
Mentioning that discrimination which is the hallmark of PDP is responsible for deep alienation among the people,  Mir while expressing serious concern over the misrule and misgovernance said that harassment and suppressive measures by the ruling party, as explained to him by the people is a serious issue will not be tolerated.
Stating that Party is desperate enough to hide its failures under the garb of harassment and discrimination, which is being carried out to hide failure on the part of ruling party but at the same time, he assured the people that Congress will continue to fight against discrimination and unnecessary harassment, will make the Govt accountable and answerable.
He said people of the State are the victims of misrule and mis-governance, feeling exploited, betrayed  and backstabbed by the ruling PDP-BJP, but he felt confident that people in all the three regions will give a befitting reply to coalition partners.
Mir further said that Congress  is strong enough to defeat the anti-people policies and unnecessary harassment by the Govt, it  will ensure that people in all the three regions are treated equally in every respect.


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