Minimal Access Surgeries

Perhaps, the era of surgeries through conventional large incisions and resultant blood loss of patients is being gradually replaced by new procedures of one or more small incisions known in common parlance as minimal excess surgeries, of course not in all cases. It is learnt that the use of telescope and video camera etc are passed into the body cavity by a surgeon conducing a surgery under the minimal access surgery procedure. Medical Science, however, is otherwise advancing in techniques and ways of therapeutic treatment and virtually doing wonders, limitations of course being there, and in that race, Jammu and Kashmir too is ambitiously taking part. However, in that noble endeavour, since sufficient talent and promise are available sufficiently in the UT, the Government plays its role of a solid facilitator and promoter by providing avenues, resources and the requisite infrastructure.
In other words, the National Board of Examinations (NBE) has recently accredited Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar’s Department of Surgery for the Fellowship of National Board (FNB) course in Minimal Access Surgery. This move was surely going to enhance and upgrade the academic standard and knowledge in the Department of Surgery in the area of Minimal Access Surgeries. Approving four fellowship seats each year in the Department of Surgery starting from the current year to the session ending July 2026 subject to annual review would result in promoting minimal access surgeries as sufficient expertise would be generated by approving courses in the subject by the NBE. To start with 2 seat are generally approved, but due to the demand for the last one year by the GMC, not only the course was sanctioned but 4 seats have been approved which is related to good measure of experience in the surgery wing of the GMC, Srinagar in laparoscopic surgeries.