Mini-Secretariat Mendhar ‘half-done’

It appears unusual that construction work on the Mini-Secretariat at Mendhar with the cost of Rs.14 crore in district Poonch should be abandoned for over eight years after construction of it started in 2011. The only satisfying thing about it is good speed and manner of work on it in initial stages of construction but later the work was stopped for reasons known either to the contractor or the authorities concerned.
Should such instances not evoke unpleasant feelings among the local residents of being accorded step motherly treatment or being discriminated against especially when for eight long years, successive Governments did not take pains about the problems plaguing this structure in not getting completed and cleared for occupancy by various offices functioning from different areas. In fact, in this border area , special treatment and care in respect of the needs of the local people should have been on the agenda of the Governments but instances like the one under reference, nurse feelings of being wilfully neglected. When allowed to be kept in semi completed condition, the building is reported to be playing ‘host’ to cattle and drug addicts and peddlers besides being used as private parking place. The amount spent on it amounting to Rs.7 crore so far being public money has thus gone waste as it is not put to use for which it was constructed. What could be the reasons excepting the usual “paucity of funds” which eight long years have proved less to be arranged by the State Government. Let us now hopefully not wait too long to see funds released by the Government to see work resumed at the earliest and the complex completed for the requisite use.