Mini Secretariat in Hajin

Again a ‘victim’ of funds shortage, mini Secretariat in Hajin Bandipora Kashmir is fated to get further delayed towards completion and put to use although work on it had started four years ago. In an era of ensuring of cutting down on avoidable high costs and a consequent strain on public exchequer , projects continue to be conceived and put on execution mode without proper budgeted allocation, earmarking and ensuring release of funds to match with the process of stages of construction. Strangely, contractor’s bills in respect of the above project too are reported to having been not paid for one year.
The project costing Rs.4 crore in 2016 and expected to be all complete in one year is currently mired in uncertainties even after four long years and now cost escalation would put it in further jeopardy of a hazy fate. Such an approach is unwarranted as the very idea is defeated that of cutting down on time, travel , delays etc on account of most of the Government departments proposed to be working under one roof . People of the area too feel concerned about the fate of the project which calls for an early intervention of the concerned authorities to see that the work resumed at the earliest.