Militancy and SIM cards

Militancy and militant activities are not confined to acquiring arms and related assistance from across the border but related to other nefarious activities too to sustain the scourge like mis-using SIM cards not only for them only but by those who provide assistance to the menace in terms of arranging sale proceeds from narcotics, smugglers and over ground workers. No doubt , sooner than any later, every diabolical move of theirs gets exposed and various types of nexuses and rackets are busted. Stealing and misusing identity are the basis of indulging in SIM cards gross and blatant mis-use.
In a recent operation by the State Investigation Agency (SIT) as many as 19 suspected locations were raided in Kashmir valley in connection with SIM cards racket which in fact served as point of vending /sales in a brazen way confirming to all violations like forgery, deceit and cheating as also against the DoT Regulations. It is no difficult to making out as to why these criminals were engaged in the racket as fraudulently acquired SIM cards not revealing actual identity had to be used for contacts with their handles sitting across the border as also to have link with their modules and connections in Jammu and Kashmir.